Call for participants – The Balkan Historiography And Contemporary Challenges

International Scholarly Symposium

The Balkan Historiography And Contemporary Challenges

Organized on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary
of the Institute of National History – Skopje

9 − 10 November 2018
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

If one limits the definition of the term region only to a certain broader geographic area with similar features, then the Balkan Peninsula is such a specific region in Southeast Europe. However, if the term region is seen more in-depth and not only via its formal geographic frame, but rather via its more comprehensive relations with all areas of human interactions, then both history and present show that this European peninsula has been the most fragmented part of Europe: not sufficiently connected in any communication sense. Therefore, this is the starting point if one wants this part of Europe to really be considered a region. The goal of this international scholarly symposium is thus to gather and unite at one place the historians, but also scholars in humanities and social sciences who constantly face historiography dilemmas, debates, disagreements, sharing, scholarly challenges of the current dynamic developments, not only in regard to this region, but also in regard to the overall human civilization.

Papers on various topics within the following themes are welcome:

  • Historiography from a perspective: re-evaluating the past in contemporary historiography
  • The Balkans and transnational history: perspectives and challenges in a globalized world
  • Politics vs. historiography – historiography vs. politics
  • Nationalism, historiography and the (re)construction of the past
  • National issues on the Balkans: contemporary interpretations and contemporary mythologisations
  • Ethnic stereotypes and historical myths and their role in the contemporary Balkan societies
  • Debates among divergent national histories
  • Sharing the history of the divided Balkans
  • Ideology and historiography
  • Breakdown of communism and revising the history
  • Terminological historical terms and processes: problems and perspectives
  • Geography, ethnography and terminology: concepts and approaches
  • Culture in history – history in culture
  • The issue if identities and linguistic/cultural boundaries within the Balkanological research
  • Balkanological schools and centers
  • Interpretations and controversies in the interpretations of Balkan cultures
  • Memory, identity and representation
  • Oral history in the context of the contemporary Balkan historiography
  • Politics of narration and strategies of engagement
  • Literary models of representation and source criticism
  • Visualization of history
  • Teaching history: different interpretations – different historical “truths”

Paper submission

First Deadline for submitting abstracts and CVs: 15 June 2018
Second Deadline for submitting abstracts and CVs: 15 September 2018
Notification of acceptance for early applicants: 25 June 2018
Notification of acceptance for other applicants: 25 September 2018
Application forms should be sent to:;

Grigor Prlicev 3
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
Tel: +389 2 3115831
Presentation of papers is limited to 15 minutes.
Working languages: Macedonian and English.
No participation fee is required.
Travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the participants themselves.

For further inquires please contact the Secretary of the Symposium: Dr. Aleksandar Manojlovski at: